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Plastic Materials Application
MaterialFeaturesApplicationsPPLightweight,   Heat Resistance, High Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Natural Waxy   Appearance, Tough and Stiff, Low CostAutomobile   (Bumpers, Covers, Trim), Bottles, Caps, Crates, Handles, Housings.POMStrong,   Rigid, Excellent Fatigue Resistance, Excellent Creep Resistance, Chemical   Resistance, Moisture Resistance, Naturally Opaque White, Low/Medium CostBearings,   Cams, Gears, Handles, Plumbing Components, Rollers, Rotors, Slide Guides,   ValvesPCVery   Tough, Temperature Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Tra......
What is the difference between a thermoset and a thermoplastic?
THERMOSETS or THERMPLASTICSThe terms thermoset and thermoplastic have been traditionally used to describe the different types of plastic materials.A thermoset allows only one chance to liquefy and shape it. With plastic materials in this group, shortly after the viscous melt stage is reached a further chemical reaction occurs which results in adjoining molecules linking together to form a three dimensional network. This process is known as cross-linking. The molecules linked in this manner will no longer flow again under the influence of heat and pressure, even though they are heated to the po......
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